Our Services

List Development

The team at CFG will develop superior local, regional and national fundraising prospect lists for you including phone numbers, emails, addresses and donor history.  CFG builds your fundraising list by researching all Democratic donors in your state and nationally.  Where most firms don't conduct their own research and farm out phone and email matching to list firms that charge exorbitant prices, CFG does it's own research which decreases the cost to your campaign.  We will refresh your lists periodically so your campaign is not missing any potential donors.

The team at the Campaign Finance Group, Inc. are experts in fundraising boot camp for campaigns.  We will come into your campaign and develop a fundraising system by employing proven methods and tailoring the system to your needs. Through Doug’s experience with national committees he understands how to effectively foster relationships with donors in order to maximize contributions.  CFG tailors fundraising plans to the specific requirements of campaigns and committees.  No political organization in the Democratic Party raised money like the Clinton organization.  Doug is part of that proven record of accomplishment. 

The Campaign Finance Group, Inc. offers a full range of campaign development services.  Full Fundraising Service Plan including but not limited to:

Innovative Call Time Systems

Now you have an exhaustive list.  Like Robert Redford asked in the classic 70s film "The Candidate" you may ask, "Whadda we do now?"  And as Speaker Tip O'Neil's neighbor told him when he asked if she had voted for him: "Tip, you didn't ask me!"  The same applies to large donors; you have to ask them and that requites talking to them.  But how do you talk to thousands of people during a two year period to ask them to contribute?  We have an innovative dialer outreach system.

Back sometime, I brought a candidate into see Rep. Bob Matsui when he was DCCC Chair.  He asked if the candidate was ready to spend 48 on the phone raising money.  The candidate was shocked that it would take that much time.  The key is to maximze efficencies.

Our system is unique to all other fundraising consultants in the country. We developed a modern proven fundraising call system for the candidate and staff, maximizing your call time and number of calls by employing efficiency maximizing automated predictive dial/automated follow-up system that allows candidates to reach thousands of donors in less time than dialing one individual donor at a time or using multiple dialers.  We used this system with Rep. Patrick Murphy to raise the money necessary to defeat Tea Party leader Allen West in Florida 18 in the most exprensive House race in history to that point.  You can see Rep. Murphy's testimony under testimonials on our home page and on our "War Stories" page.

Fundraising Infrastructure

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”
― Benjamin Franklin

CFG will prepare you for the rigors of fundraising.  We will work with your campaign to develop your finance plan, streams of revenue and your budget.  We further will target donors and finance committee member and develop fundraising messaging for various donor groups.  We will train the candidate and staff in proven effective fundraising techniques.

Grassroots fundraising & Online fundraising

You can pay upwards to $10,000 for low dollar Democratic activist emails that will generate little money or we can provide proven lists of low dollar donors, who have a history of giving.  We will work with volunteers and staff to use predictive dialer to phone bank these proven donors with a script we develop, asking for emails and a low dollar contribution that can multiply through the course of the campaign.  We advise using an online firm but strongly recommend building an organic list that is specific to your campaign and cannot be used by any other campaign (which decreases the effectiveness).  Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders did not buy a list. They organically built one.  Open seat and challenger races don't generate the amount of money an incumbent does.  One way to increase donations is to organically create a list, directly reach out to the donor creating a solid person-to-person relationship with the donors.

As an example, we used this method and organically built a list for Patrick Murphy v. Allan West after the campaign had paid $8,000 for a list of 64,000 emails which raised little money.  Patrick ended the campaign with the largest email list and raised the most of all the 2012 congressional candidates.

Political Action Committee Fundraising

General Political Consulting

CFG, Inc. has raised several million dollars from political action committees.  We can unlock many doors in Washington.  One important piece of fundraising that often perplexes campaigns is how to communicate and target interest groups.  CFG will develop your PAC fundraising plan.

CFG has a vast network and robust experience in raising from unions, ideological organizations, financial services, defense, business PACs, telecommunications, high tech and the myriad of health care providers and health care companies.

Often campaigns use a broad stroke approach to communicating with PACs.  They use valuable candidate and staff time reaching out to PACs that realistically have no interest in supporting a non-incumbent candidate.  Do you know that there are PACs in Washington that have a policy of only contributing to incumbents or to Members of Congress that sit only on committees that affect their business or industry?

Through our vast experience in raising money from PACS, CFG helps you avoid wasting time by identifying and targeting appropriate PACs including member money and Leadership PACs.  We subscribe to an aggressive approach for our Washington strategy (see “CFG War Stories” in the "About CFG" page).
Our PAC services include but are not limited to:
  • Developing your PAC fundraising plan and strategy
  • Targeting and communicating with PACs and associations
  • Fundraising for Member contributions and Leadership PAC contributions
  • Developing and implementing a plan to win the support of organized Labor and Democratic interest groups.
  • Developing your campaign’s PAC prospectus
  • Targeting and networking business and industry PACs
  • Scheduling meetings between candidates and PAC directors
  • Disseminating campaign updates to the PACs and Washington political media
  • PAC fundraising events
Besides his work at the DNC, Doug Jaraczewski has been a DCCC top targeted campaign manager and finance director.  He can help you assemble your campaign consultants and staff.  Further, he can provide valuable assistance in strategy and campaign management.  He knows the steps your campaign must take to become targeted, maintain targeted status.  He has  analyzed polling, developed messaging and has developed, organized and coordinated GOTV operations.  Doug also has relationships with DC political reporters and can help you reach out to that community.